Hello world!

I said I wouldn’t do a first post; I would just start writing. I didn’t want the pressure of that obligatory, really cool/inspiring “reason I started blogging” statement. I don’t have one of those. I just have a heart that desires to connect with people. We weren’t meant to walk this life alone and God is good. {I didn’t promise my posts wouldn’t be random}. {I also didn’t promise that my use of punctuation was immaculate……so…….}

Read. Share. Inspire. Love. Grow. All the things.

It’s a journey. Here goes.

This is one of my favorite pics. I’ve never known what to use it for…so now seemed like a decent opportunity.

I’m an occupational therapist (OT), by career choice, (I’ll explain that on another post if you don’t know what an OT is). And this is a picture of an activity I used on earth day, one year. We decided to use planting seeds for our therapy garden as the nursing home patient’s therapy for that day. THEY loved it and it gave them something to talk about and look forward to for an entire season.

Let’s plant some seeds peeps. Literally and figuratively.